Exploring Deeper Dimensions of Faith (4 CDs)


A common carpenter’s tool called a plumb line is a simple hanging weighted string used to determine if a wall or any object is upright. The Bible urges us to use a symbolic plumb line (see Amos 7:7 and 2 Chron. 21) to check the “uprightness” of our personal belief system – the breadth & depth of our faith – to see if it is plumb with God’s design for our spiritual life. If we neglect to so this now, we may be disappointed when it is done for us on Judgement Day. This album of four recordings will open up vistas of faith for you that most persons have never pursued or experienced, Like oceanographers who are awed by newly discovered forms of marine life, you may find yourself in awe of the dimensions of faith that the Lord offers for your spiritual delight – and more importantly, your spiritual growth.

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