Are You Spirit Filled or Running on Empty? (1 CD)


ARE YOU SPIRIT FILLED OR RUNNING ON EMPTY? If you’ve ever sputtered to a stop with your car’s fuel gauge on ’empty,’ You know the frustration of not having refueled sooner. It’s like trying to barbecue with your hibachi using ignited but untended briquettes that have cooled off as they became depleted of charcoal fuel. Many Spirit-filled Christians find themselves in similar situations in their spiritual life. St. Paul has some pertinent advice for souls languishing in spiritual boredom when they have ‘forsaken their first love’ (Rev 2:4); he reminds them that lost fervor can be retrieved: ‘Fan into flame the gift of God which is in you’ (2 Tim 1:6). This uplifting talk presents a simple program (based on Catholic catechism) for such persons to re-ignite their soul-fervor to the enriched spiritual life to which all of us are called.

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