Saying Yes to God (4 CDs)


SAYING YES TO GOD – 4 Disc Album. We often ask things of God, but we may be unaware that he more often asks things of us. What he asks of us is called the will of God. And saying yes to God’s will should be as natural as if we were silently breathing the very words, “Thy will be done”; it should be a mind-set, not just a mumbled prayer. But when we do say yes to God, prayerfully, we should say it twice. Why? Because there are two aspects of God’s will, as theologians remind us. His “signified will” tells us what he wants us to do, and our response to that is the virtue of obedience. His “good pleasure will” is what he wants or permits to be done to us; our response to that is the virtue of holy abandonment–surrender. The perfect prototype of this double acquiescence to God’s will was the Virgin Mary’s “YES” to God’s will to become incarnate within her womb. It was her momentous “Fiat”– “Let it be done to me according to your word.” And that unremitting act of holy surrender was consummated by her humble affirmation of holy obedience: “I am the handmaid of the Lord.” That archetypal response provides the backdrop of Fr. Hampsch’s in-depth study of what it really means to say Yes to God, especially in the most harrowing demands and afflictions that confront us in life. To souls with such a “yes” mentality, God can’t say “No.”

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