Power In Prayer (4 CDs)


POWER IN PRAYER – 4 Disc Album Perhaps 99 out of every 100 Christians, when they pray, set their minds to ask God for something. They may be asking God for a healing, a job, a happy marriage, a favorable lab report from a cancer test. etc. Certainly the prayer of petition is authentic prayer, for it expresses our creatural God-dependency and is mentioned numerous times in Godís word. Jesus specifically enjoins us to ask: “Ask and it will be given to you” (Matt. 7:7). Yet, truly prayerful petition should involve far more than just asking the Lord for favors. It should draw our hearts into agreement with the will of God and entail a willingness to accept Godís will for us in the very things we ask for. It”s not a matter of trying to “change God,” for he is unchangeable (Num. 23:19); it’s ultimately a matter of changing ourselves. In the words of Ralph Martin, “Prayer ‘succeeds’ when it melts into commitment and obedience; it fails when it is treated as a recital of our needs in an attempt to entice God to act.” These four talks show how the real power of prayer is in empowering the petitioner.

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