Healing Through Compassion (4 CDs)


HEALING THROUGH COMPASSION – 4 Disc Album Some people pursue happiness; others create it. Those who create it are God’s special friends who radiate his love wherever they go. These are the champions of compassion–the glowing stars in a world of darkness. Everyone is disabled in some way and in need of various kinds of support–sometimes physical help, as when others provide for us transportation, medicine, nursing care etc. More often what is needed is emotional support, which is unexpressed, subtle and difficult to ask for specifically–approval, acceptance, affirmation, compliments, etc. Even more significantly, we all stand in need of spiritual help, often by way of example, spiritual sharing, edification, religious guidance or persuasion, etc. All of these forms of support, if they are to be exercised in the context of God’s grace, are types of charity or Christian love (agape love) in its highest form called zeal. Amazingly, to the extent that this supernatural love is present, its effect is remarkably therapeutic. And even more amazing, the healing occurs in both the giver and the receiver of compassion, as Paul explains in 2 Cor. 1:3-4. This series is a profound exposition of those uplifting words of Paul.

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