So You Think You Have Faith? (3 CDS)


So You Think You Have Faith? Do you find that your prayers seem to fall on deaf ears when you plead with God for your needs? Do you envy others when they tell you of the ‘miraculous’ answers to their prayers of petition? Countless Christians today are stuck in a rut of spiritual powerlessness; they hunger for the Jesus-promised faith that moves mountains (Matt. 17:20, 21:21), and yet they seem forced to settle for a faith that barely gives them strength to cope with the problems that each day brings. What they lack in this respect is the charismatic gift of faith–a faith that cannot be ‘exerted’ or developed by effort, but only experienced when the certainty of the answer to one’s prayer is a forgone conclusion. Three steps required by God’s word to attain this gift of faith are explained in this series of talks. The other aspect of faith dealt with here by Fr. Hampsch is the virtue of faith– the life-changing embrace of doctrinal Scripture-based truths that God has revealed (about 300 altogether): these include such doctrines as God’s awesome mercy, his real presence in the Eucharist, your ever-present guardian angel, what it means to accept Mary as your spiritual Mother, the existence of heaven, hell, purgatory etc.

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