From Here to Eternity–Our End-Time Options (6 CDs)


FROM HERE TO ETERNITY–OUR END-TIME OPTIONS – 6 Disc Album. There is a natural fascination that we all experience when considering what the future of the world might hold for us, and what our “personal” future might hold for us. This natural fascination is often perverted, as when it leads some to seek nefarious sources of arcane knowledge: fortune tellers, psychics, astrologists, tarot card readers and our other pernicious paths of curiosity, as we yearn to know which eventualities are controlling and which are controllable. A more sound response to this natural fascination is to explore the field of eschatology–the study of end times–especially as it can be found in the revelations of God’s plan for the future of the world at large and for us as individuals. This series of six talks covers the basic study of eschatology–the theology of end-times; it explores our end-time options. In listening to this series you will find yourself caught up in a fascinating wonderment about the wondrous and wonderful events that loom before us in our life journey. Even more fascinating are the options that you cannot avoid facing in your immediate future, between here and eternity.

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