In God We Trust


IN GOD WE TRUST 1 DVD. We all like to boast that we trust God, who is more trustworthy than any mere human helper. But when we’re really put to the test, our trust often proves weak; we’re afraid to really “let go,” in spite of countless assurances of God’s word that we need not fear because of God’s absolute trustworthiness. “Fear and trembling have beset me,” admitted David (Ps. 55:5), but he faces that fear and then, by God’s grace, he rises above it: “When I am afraid I will trust in you.” And a few sentences later: “In God I trust; I will not be afraid” (56:3,11). We see a subtle growth in David’s outlook that is reminiscent of Spurgeon’s classic two-level distinction in the faith-grounded virtue of trust: “You can get to heaven traveling first-class or second-class. Second-class travelers are those who trust when they fear; first-class are those who trust and don’t fear.” David moved up from fear to non-fear. In mid-flight, he chose to upgrade from coach to first-class. This teaching is meant to show how to keep our trust in God at a high pitch. For a detailed view of this subject see also Fr. Hampsch’s book, “Pathways of Trust–101 Shortcuts to Holiness”.

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