The Attitude of Gratitude (1 CD)


THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE–THANKSGIVING AS THANKS-LIVING. ‘As you count your blessings, make every blessing count,’ states the old bromide. To do that your gratitude must first emerge passionately, as Shakespeare wrote, from ‘a heart replete with thankfulness’; secondly, it must reach into every aspect of your life: giving thanks ‘in all circumstances’ (1 Thess. 5:18)…’at all times and for everything’ (Eh. 5:20)– including hurts, sufferings, injustices, disappointments, injuries and insults. And thirdly, it must be sublimated above an emotion into a virtue by directing it toward a bountiful God of love who–only for those who return his love and submit to his will–makes ‘everything work together unto good’ (Rom. 8:28)–good benefits that evince our thanks and transform our ‘thanks-giving into thanks-living.’ Fr. John confronts that staggering and exciting challenge in this talk.

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