If you’ve ever been too busy to eat for most of a day, you may or may not have felt hunger pangs, but surely you felt a certain ennui — a kind of fatigue or listlessness from lack of nourishment. But when you finally got around to eating — even a small quick snack — you probably experienced a “pick-up” or surge of bodily energy with a heightened vitality and alertness. This book originated as a series of one-line revisions and condensations of inspirational thoughts from hundreds of sources, some quite lengthy. Each item is ecumenically acceptable so that no reader might be alienated by a denominational nuance. These “one-liners” should be taken as small snacks, not in ravenous mouthfuls, to prevent “spiritual indigestion”. Each item should, ideally, be pondered meditatively, seeking applications in your personal life situations.

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