Challenges of Leadership in the Charismatic Renewal


CHALLENGES OF LEADERSHIP IN THE CHARISMATIC RENEWAL 2 DVDs. The brief and wondrous roller-coaster history of the Charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church has made it obvious to every astute observer that it is truly a special divine intervention in the plan of God. Yet those same observers attest to the fact that in this movement of the Holy Spirit three elements of human endeavor have been missing or seriously diminished over the last several decades. All of these deficiencies are clearly radicated in the role of leadership; specifically, they are: 1) deficiencies in basic leadership skills; 2) lack of Spirit-refined discernment in decision-making, and 3) lack of solid teaching of the prayer group members. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in October of 2008 expressed publicly his support for the Vatican-approved plan to established leaders of Charismatic communities. Leader formation (especially in the use and knowledge of the charismatic gifts of the Spirit, as noted by the Pope) has thus been officially recognized. That critical subject is the theme of this series of talks by Fr. Hampsch, based on his extensive experience in the Renewal for over the past four decades. Charismatic leaders (and rank-and-file members also) will find this lecture series challenging and spiritually enriching in its approach to the charismatic dimension of the spiritual life.

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