Clay in the Hands of the Potter The Life Story of Fr. John Hampsch, cmf Warning: If you’re not a skeptical person, you might become one by watching this video. As a self-presented religious testimony of a popular elderly Claretian Missionary priest, it embodies a number of hard to believe reall-life episones-the kind that could spawn skepticism in all but the most credulous. This is not a lecture. It is not a recorded sermon. It is not a teaching. It is an unscripted autobiographical documentary that is both surprisingly informal, yet subtly informational. It is a vastly expanded form of the much older book and CD titled, “Riding High.” A number of interspersed photos richly enhance this fascinating production. This video was produced at the insistent urging of many friends and spiritual clients of Fr. Hampsch, who have urged him, while still in his 90’s, to leave what would become a posthumous record of his life and unique ministry for future generations to ponder and enjoy. Alluding to the biblical analogy of Isaiah and Jeremiah about God as the Potter and humans as the clay, Fr. Hampsch shows how the Lord fashions and refashions each of us by our providentially designed life-events. Viewing this video will enable you to see your own life in a totally new perspective as providentially fashioned by the loving hands of the Divine Potter.

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