Faith, Key to the Heart of God


FAITH, KEY TO THE HEART OF GOD 1 DVD. Jesus asserted that petition prayer, correctly prayed, always works; but a correctly prayed petition is one that is surcharged with a “faith that moves mountains.” Many Christians simply launch into prayer to move their “mountains,” without stopping to survey them carefully and prayerfully. Because they are so distraught with their problems, this precipitous attitude is understandable. But precisely because the reaction is precipitous, and therefore spiritually shallow, these earnest petitioners fail to move mountains. True, the Lord in his great mercy sometimes (rarely) responds to their urgent prayer with a sudden and miraculous response. But more often he waits for each suffering victim to first learn a lesson–or many lessons–from their unremitting problems, sufferings and hardships. And even more often he waits for the petitioner to learn the pathways of faith, as both a gift and a virtue, that leads to his open Heart. This teaching is designed to help us reach the heart of God in the most direct way, not just to make our prayer of petition more efficacious; it is also designed to show how to bring greater glory to God by giving him a better opportunity to demonstrate his beneficent love for us in his gracious response to our pleas.

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