Personality Makeover–God’s 11-Step Plan (1 CD)


PERSONALITY MAKEOVER–GOD’S 11-STEP PLAN. Scanning today’s headlines or scoping out the six o’clock news reveals our world is ‘heading hell-bent in a handbasket.’ A pitifully few high-minded souls ponder the simple truth that if society is to be bettered–even while it is battered–the change must begin with each individual, not society in the abstract. One expression of that is resonated in the unsectarian hymn: ‘Let there be peace on earth, but let it begin with me.’ Societal improvement is the child, not the parent, of personal improvement, opined Aristotle. This lecture-sermon delineates a personality makeover that would best enable us to ‘win the respect of outsiders’ (1 Thess. 4:11) and hence would also best enable us to ‘make disciples of all nations’ (Matt. 28:19). The secret? Glean the findings of the mavens of social psychology; then validate their clinical harvest with a biblical God-perspective.

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