Finding God in Your Everyday Life (1 CD)


FINDING GOD IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE If you agree that God is everywhere by his omnipresence, then you must agree that he is in every activity in which your body, mind or spirit is involved. As a theoretical or abstract statement, hardly anyone would challenge that assertion. But when it comes to being aware of that presence, existentially and appreciatively, in each endeavor of life, great or small, perhaps your faith can’t quite reach up high enough to relish that insight. If you find yourself slogging through life in a relatively meaningless existence, stop for a moment of spiritual retrenchment. Take a deep ‘soul-breath’–the very etymology of the word ‘Spirit.’ Learn how, in this spirited homily, to acquire an habitual awareness of your very Creator as he is preoccupied and ‘co-occupied’ with you in each of your daily endeavors. Your life will take on a new aura when you recognize the Lord himself smiling his grace into your soul and into each of your activities by his uninterrupted loving personal presence.

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