Supercharging Your Spiritual Batteries Long Version (2 CDs)


Supercharging Your Spiritual Batteries – 2 DISC ALBUM (LONG VERSION). By switching to a higher power, a radio station transmitter will increase the range of its broadcast signal, and will be better able to override the static that clutters the airwaves. Spiritually, we can “switch to a higher power” so that our outreach ability is enhanced, and interiorly, the life of grace in our soul is vastly upgraded. In this talk Fr. Hampsch presents an exciting Scripture-based review of the effects of becoming spiritually upgraded through the stages of being baptized by the Spirit, then in the Spirit, and finally with the Spirit. In these stages of growth, the soul progresses interiorly by grace and exteriorly by the exercise of power in influencing and helping others. From the pre-charismatic “born again” state, through the charismatic baptized-in-the-Spirit state and finally into the Spirit-filled state, the soulís deep powers are released.

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