Faith Quest, Search for the Silver Lining


If plants could feel, they would welcome being “fertilized” to foster wholesome growth, but hate being “pruned” to cut back unwieldy growth. Likewise, we humans happily embrace God’s enriching blessings, but we tend to rebel at being “pruned” by sufferings, pains, and misfortunes. Yet, Jesus tells us that these hardships are God-designed to foster our growth and spiritual fruitfulness (John 15:2). Things that we naturally regard as negative and hurtful are really camouflaged blessings from God’s love providence, as Paul learned in his apparently unanswered prayer for relief from suffering (2 Cor. 12:8-10). Our faith challenge is simply to believe, consistently and sincerely, that God is “pruning” us by such hardships for our own fruitful growth. When our faith becomes strong enough to be truly convinced of this, we revel, not rebel in every pain and misfortune; it is only “mature” faith that enables us to see the silver lining in every dark cloud in our life. This talk is designed to uplift and purify your faith in the furnace of your daily hardships and adversities.

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