Getting To Know Your Guardian Angel


GETTING TO KNOW YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL 4 DVDs. Certain mind-blowing truths, when acknowledged and realized, can be utterly life-transforming. One of those revealed truths is the existence of angels (mentioned over 300 times in the Bible), and especially the Scripture-supported truth of a special guardian angel assigned by God to each of us individually as our constant life-long companion. Even the thought is awesome! If your faith is strong enough to grasp this doctrine as a living reality, you would learn that there is no such thing as solitary confinement; the world’s loneliest widow would cease to languish in solitude, sadness or self-pity; joining one’s angel in praising God would be a delight beyond measure; any sin of anger, pride, lust, etc. would be unthinkable in the discerned presence of our heavenly companion; a discouraged soul would be heartened and transfixed by the embracing compassion of that angel companion. With the spellbinding stories that season this talk you’ll really get to know your guardian angel.

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