Healing Your Marriage (2 CDs)


HEALING YOUR MARRIAGE – 2 Disc Album Did you ever think of the many things that we try to preserve in our everyday life? To preserve spoilable food we depend on refrigeration, pre-cooking, airtight packaging, long-named chemical ingredients and tin cans. To preserve documents, we use lamination, dehumidifiers, sunlight filters and computer hard drives. To preserve immunity, we use sleep, nutrition and vaccinations. To preserve corpses we use embalming, and to preserve memories of loved ones we use photo albums, obituaries, memorabilia and tombstones. By contrast, isn’t it ironic that such little preservative effort is exerted in our society to prevent marriages from crumbling into the shattering tragedy of divorce that destroys over one-half of all marriages and the happiness and fulfillment of countless spouses and their children-victims? All this, even though God hates divorce and tells all to be on guard to prevent it (Mal 2:16). Following the injunction of Hebrews 13:4: “Let marriage be honored by all…,” this series of talks explores specific wholesome elements of spousal and familial relationships that must be carefully preserved (“honored”) to prevent such toxic and tragic deterioration of sacred, God-designed conjugal love.

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