Making Sense Out of Suffering-A Guide Through the Darkness (4 CDs)


MAKING SENSE OUT OF SUFFERING: A Guide Through The Darkness – 4 Disc Album. People who encounter no suffering can all be found in one place, it’s called a cemetery! We can blame Adam and Eve, ultimately, for burdening all of us with the effects of original sin: problems, hurts, disappointments, pain, persecutions, disasters, afflictions, adversities, etc. Since our protoparents didn’t leave us with any directions on how to cope with these lingering misfortunes, Fr. Hampsch has offered to fill in that missing agenda with the thought-provoking information found in the four talks in this album: The Mystery of Suffering, Positive Aspects of Suffering, Finding Joy in Suffering, and Three Ways to Carry Your Cross. These talks will show that the Lord provides plenty of Kleenex for our use in this Vale of Tears. And later, he will (personally) wipe away every tear (Rev. 7:17; 21:4).

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