How to ‘Raze’ Hell (1 CD)


HOW TO ‘RAZE’ HELL The word ‘raze’ (to tear down) is the opposite of ‘raise’ (to build up). To ‘raze’ hell–that is to destroy the powers of hell–is to ‘deliver us from evil’–the evil forces of hell that besiege us at every turn. Even when we are unaware of their nefarious machinations, foul spirits can progressively inveigh upon our lives by gaining ‘toeholds,’ ‘footholds’ and finally ‘strongholds’ (see 2 Cor. 10:4). To accomplish this, they subtly employ any of seven strategies, inducing any of seven symptoms in any of seven ‘areas of occupation.’ This lecture–which summarizes the vast topic of demonology–exposes each of these 21 ‘battlefields of spiritual warfare’ to show the various ways in which we can be assailed and drawn, often unaware, into spiritually dangerous situations.

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