Magnificat Mentality–Sharing Your Gifts (1 CD)


MAGNIFICAT MENTALITY–SHARING YOUR GIFTS. Imagine giving a precious gift to a friend, and then watching that friend give it away to another person. You would probably regard that ‘friend’ as ungrateful–unappreciative of not only the gift, but of you as the giver. However, you would have an entirely different ‘take’ on a gift-giving situation if you saw the gift as a heaven-sent spiritual blessing, bestowed on a God-chosen ‘dispenser’ of that blessing for the benefit of others. The privileged receiver of the gift would be ‘giving’ it without ‘giving it away’–a sharing without ‘losing.’ All of us are called to this mystical transmitting and sharing of our God-given gifts–by a kind of paradoxical ‘dispensation without deprivation.’ The very first such sacred act in the history of Christianity, the giving of a benefit received–the sharing of divine blessings–was exercised with a graciousness beyond compare, by the saint who was the paragon of sainthood, the holy Virgin of Nazareth, Mary herself. The occasion was her historic visit to her pregnant kinswoman, Elizabeth, almost immediately after the momentous event of the Incarnation, when Mary had begun to tabernacle the God-man, Jesus in her own womb. The sharing of God’s Gift of himself to mankind was first accomplished in this sacred encounter, through Mary; her great sharing was celestially punctuated by her canticle of praise known as the Magnificat. It was within the context of that paean of praise that Mary ‘shared’ the unborn Messiah with the unborn Messiah’s precursor, John the Baptist. Thus it was within the ambiance of the Magnificat that the divine calling to share God’s presence, his life and his love took root in Christianity. Mary was the prototype of this awesome privilege, extended to each of us today by the many charisms and blessings flowing to us and through us from the very Heart of God. This talk provides a plan and a stimulus for each of us to exercise the privilege.

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