Mary, The Immaculate Conception (1 CD)


MARY–THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION (ROSARY INCLUDED) Did you know that the ‘original sin’ that affects all of us was not ‘original’? Eve, of course, was the world’s first sinner, as Paul reminds us (1 Tim. 2:14); but Adam was the first human. So, as humaity’s prime progenitor, it was only Adam’s sim–the second sin–that could be called ‘original’ and thus able to contaminate the human race (See Rom. 5:12). Both Adam and Eve sinned by disobedience to God’s will in eating the forbidden fruit. To compensate for this cosmic double disobedience, a cosmic double act of obedience to God’s will was called for, to re-open heaven to human access. A ‘New Adam,’ the Son of God, was eminently obedient to God’s will by becoming a God-man (John 4:34) in order to suffer and die to redeem sin-fallen humanity. A ‘New Eve’ was created perfectly sinless to bring this sinless ‘New Adam’ into the sin-filled human race to redeem it. By her act of perfect obedience (her ‘fiat’) and by God keeping her sin-free, she counterpointed the first Eve’s initial sin and established an eternal dichotomy of good and evil. The ‘New Eve’ was to be God’s pre-eminent creature by her total freedom from all sin, ‘original’ and personal. This unique prerogative enjoyed by Mary, God’s masterpiece, is called her Immaculate Conception. This talk is bespangled with fascinating outcroppings of that prestigious charism–multiple Marian insights you probably never thought about.

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