The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed (1 CD)


THE MYSTERY OF THE TRINITY REVEALED–When God is Your Roommate in the Room for Improvement. The biggest room in the world–the “room for improvement” where we all live–is where the Lord wants to live with us. By becoming aware of his loving presence–and the various ways that his divine presence is expressed by each Person of the Trinity within us–we’ll find that our efforts toward spiritual improvement become more effective and fulfilling. This makes our spiritual growth a truly exciting adventure. In this talk, Fr. Hampsch explores this Trinitarian treasure trove in a very challenging segment of theology that most Christians have never even heard of. He then applies this theology, as a sample application, to only one of the many dimensions of Christian life–that of human suffering and adversity. With this explanation, you’ll never view your suffering, or any part of your Christian life, in the same way again. You’ll see that the “room for improvement” has more fascinating closets and crevices, more delightful and enchanting nooks and crannies, than you ever imagined!

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