Humility Is Nothing To Be Proud Of (1 CD)


HUMILITY IS NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF Someone has said that humility is like underwear–we should have it but not show it. Perhaps that’s why it has been called the ‘slippery virtue.’ If you think you’re humble, you are not humble but proud for even thinking you have mastered humility. To accept life situations that are humbling without stumbling is an accomplishment that requires a special grace of God. To be like Jesus–truly ‘meek and humble of heart’–is the first step (and a really big one) on the path toward true holiness. To enable the Lord to work wonders in and through you, it is necessary to replicate in yourself the words of the Magnificat with the mentality of the humble Virgin of Nazareth, the mother of the Messiah: ‘God my Savior…has been mindful of the humble state of his handmaid… The Mighty One has done great things for me–holy is his name’ (Luke 1:47-48). To attain this mentality, you’ll find the three questions in this talk to be an excellent guideline in your quest for the ‘slippery virtue.’

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