Riding High (1 CD)


RIDING HIGH. CAUTION! Listening to this story–the astounding personal testimony of the Claretian Missionary, Fr. John Hampsch, C.M.F., will have one of two effects on you. It will either fill you with scornful skepticism or it will leave you profoundly inspired by seeing how God’s marvelous, gracious, loving Providence seeks to surcharge and empower our lives. Fr. Hampsch has been asked to present his autobiographical testimony to audiences across the nation and even in other countries. His life-story (also in book form) has changed the lives of countless people; its staggering impact will leave you in an aura of sacred wonderment. His summary is taken from Psalm 71:1 (LB), the inspired and inspiring words of King David: ‘My success, at which so many stand amazed, is because YOU, O Lord, are my mighty protector.’

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